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Filmed in Vancouver

The production of Bates Motel in actionJust a two-hour flight from Hollywood, Vancouver is the third largest centre for the film industry in North America. The movie biz pumps $1 billion a year into the local economy, and with blockbuster flicks like 50 Shades of Grey, Deadpool and Star Trek shot here, word is out that Vancouver is picking up the glitter of its American Tinseltown sister.

Chalk it up to lower production costs, close proximity to a range of available backdrops – sparkling ocean, sandy beaches, lush rainforests and soaring mountains, for starters – and a mild climate conducive to year-round shooting. Whatever the case, Vancouver is a hit with movie producers and celebrities alike. The city has a long history with celebrity lore, back since Gary Cooper hitched a ride to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on a passing street-cleaning machine.

Of course, it’s not just productions destined for the big screen that shoot in Vancouver – plenty of your favourite TV shows are brought to life here, too. The city has become a sci-fi and fantasy hub, starting back when the original X-Files series filmed in the ‘90s; David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson also returned to shoot the series reboot. Other small screen fan-favourites shot in Vancouver include Riverdale, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Arrow, and The Flash, as well as old-school series spanning the range from 21 Jump Street to MacGyver. While visiting, take note of big white trailers parked around the city, with cables snaking down footpaths and casually dressed crew milling about with walky-talkies – you might be witnessing the making of the next Hollywood blockbuster.

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