Supergirl Filming Locations

Vancouver’s Supergirl locations are simply stunning. Check out our location guide here to dive in.

Spoiler alert! This post covers show locations up to the end of season 2, so be on the lookout for spoilers.

Supergirl follows the adventures of Kara Danvers, cousin to Clark Kent (aka Superman). Kara struggles to balance her ordinary life as a reporter with her very extraordinary alter-ego: Supergirl. When we found out we’d be returning to Vancouver, I started watching the show purely for sceneframing purposes, but it ended up becoming my favourite of the CW’s superhero shows.

Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist as Kara and Chyler Leigh, David Harewood, Mehcad Brooks, Katie McGrath and Jeremy Jordan as her colourful group of friends and family. The show admirably achieves the perfect amount of warm-heartedness without falling into overt sappiness. The relationship between the main characters are easily the best part of the show.

Where is Supergirl filmed?

The show’s first season was shot in and around L.A., but the second season onward has been filmed in Vancouver – the same neighborhood that hosts the CW’s other superhero shows Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

I find the biggest problem of visiting Vancouver is narrowing down which film locations to see – there are so many to pack into one trip! Most of the locations we’ve picked for this guide are inside the downtown core.

Thanks to FanGirl Quest for building this map!

How to use the Vancouver filming locations map:

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  • Activate layers from different shows, or search for the corresponding markers as each show has its own color.

Below the map, you’ll find a list of locations matching each address with more information and photos. Happy hunting!


Vancouver Central Library

Located in downtown Vancouver’s Library Square district, the elegant Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch is hard to miss. You’ll see the building’s impressive elliptical facade in a ton of shows and movies – and it’s even more grand and beautiful in person!

Episode: 2×05

Scene: This is the site of Lena Luthor’s gala to which she invites both Kara and Supergirl – however, the gala is a trap for criminals who have been terrorizing the city. In the same episode, Alex and Maggie investigate a crime scene outside the library.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl VPL

4 Homer Street

Situated a few blocks away from Vancouver Central Library, this stretch of Homer Street was used as a filming site for both Supergirl and The Flash.

Episode: 2×01

Scene: As murderous drones wreak havoc on the city, Superman saves a family on this street.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl Homer Street

305 Bute Street

This building doubles as the exterior of L Corp, headquarters to Lena Luthor’s renamed company.

Episode: 2×01

Scene: After a visit with Lena, Kara and Clark Kent have a heartfelt discussion outside the building.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl Harbour Green Park / Bute Street

Harbour Green Park

Just outside “L Corp”, Harbour Green Park is the longest continuous park on Vancouver’s waterfront. Boasting direct access to the 22-km seawall that circles around the city, the park is a perfect venue for taking a break from the buzz of downtown.

Episode: 2×01

Scene: Lena announces she intends to rebrand her company to “L Corp”, but her announcement is interrupted by an assassin attack.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl Harbour Green Park

Bloedel Conservatory

Situated 152 metres above sea level, Queen Elizabeth Park is the highest point in Vancouver and home to the exotic Bloedel Conservatory. The domed venue houses more than 120 birds and 500 species of plants and flowers, and is a wonderful place to take a placid stroll. Thanks to its futuristic appearance, the conservatory is a popular filming location particularly among sci-fi and superhot shows.

Episode: 2×03

Scene: The President hosts a press conference here to sign the Alien Amnesty Act, but – as often happens to poor Supergirl – the event is interrupted by a vicious attack. We were happy to have the opportunity to frame this scene since President Marsdin is played by none other than Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman!

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl Bloedel Conservatory

West Cordova Street (opposite the Fairmont Pacific Rim)

Downtown Vancouver’s MNP Tower plays the part of West National City Bank. The location is a short walk from Vancouver’s spectacular waterfront and all the attractions in and around Canada Place.

Episode: 2×05

Scene: Kara and James try to foil a group of bank robbers, but their efforts are thwarted by the baddies whipping out some serious alien technology.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl West Cordova Street


The Vancouver Seawall is one of the city’s top attractions, and it’s easy to see why. Starting at the Vancouver Convention Centre (north side of the city), 22 kilometers of paved walkway stretches all the way to the trendy, beach-friendly Kitsilano neighbourhood. The seawall is mostly flat, so it’s easy to walk or bike and the entire journey offers beautiful views of the city skyline, Pacific Ocean and Coast Mountains.

Episode: 2×06

Scene: On the south side of the city (opposite Vancouver’s artisan hub Granville Island), Alex and Kara wander along the Seawall. Alex comes out to Kara in an emotional moment between the sisters.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl Seawall

534 Cambie St

When selecting sites to feature, we try to unearth places that are interesting in themselves. This is not one of those places. Sometimes a location is conveniently located adjacent to other places and features a character we want to include in our scenframes. Thus, we enter slightly less appealing alleyways such as this.

Episode: 2×06

Scene: The character we so desperately wanted to sceneframe was Chris Wood’s Mon-El, the Daxamite who finds it hard to adjust to earthly customs. Responding to an alien attack, Kara finds Mon-El in the alley roughing up another alien in a shabby attempt to use his powers for his own selfish reasons.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl Cambie Street

855 W Hastings Street (next to Hornby Plaza)

Hornby Plaza is an extremely popular filming location. Supergirl scenes have been filmed here as well as next door on West Hastings Street.

Episode: 2×13

Scene: Parasite reappears to wreak more destruction on the city. Kara and Mon-El try to stop the creature, only to discover it was conjured by Mr. Mxyzptlk, who shows up to “help” dressed as a superhero.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl West Hastings

Cathedral Square

One of the many parks and green spaces scattered across Vancouver, Cathedral Square is an odd mix of modern design and concrete. In the middle sits beautiful, historic Holy Rosary Cathedral.  The Square itself is located in a bit of an uneasy area, but definitely worth the visit to see the church – and of course the filming location.

Episode: 2×17

Scene: An alien with a laser eye patch (yes, that’s a thing) blasts away at everything in sight when Kara shows up to save the day. Thus commences an intense duel of eye-lasers.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl Cathedral Square

Big Leaf Pond

Big Leaf Pond is actually a shallow fountain shaped like a massive leaf, yet difficult to see unless you’re right next to it. The pond lights up at night to highlight the leaf’s outline, creating a dramatic effect.

Episode: 2×17

Scene: Alex and Maggie have left their yoga class and are joking around when they run into Maggie’s ex, one she didn’t exactly part from on good terms.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl Big Leaf Pond

Keefer Place

Just outside International Village Mall is Keefer Place. The plaza at the end of the street features a globe statue inscribed with the words “International Village”, a symbol for the Mall. Turns out, we couldn’t actually frame this scene because the angle didn’t work – the production crew had a much wider lens and might have used a crane for a higher angle to capture the shot.

Episode: 2×21

Scene: On the plaza with the globe statue, Daxamite forces descend on Earth to commence their attack.  A giant reflection of Rhea, the Daxamite queen – played by Teri Hatcher – appears above the buildings flanking the plaza, and she addresses the citizens of Earth.

FanGirl Quest: Supergirl Keefer Place

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