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Short of buying one of the floating water homes on Granville Island, there are dozens of ways to get out on the water in Vancouver. After all, our great city is famous for the amount of H20 we have, as well as all the great activities that we can do on it and in it! Water sports, boating and fishing, as well as less conventional activities such as skim boarding, are just a few ways to enjoy Vancouver's water. Here are five that we’re particularly fond of.

Breathe the fresh air. Listen to the wind in the trees. Sleep under the stars. Not only do camping opportunities abound in British Columbia, RVers and campers are spoiled for choice! Whether looking for a city experience, rustic getaway or a home-away-from-home, the camper will find it all right here in Greater Vancouver.

Given the natural beauty that surrounds Vancouver, camping is a favourite vacation choice for both locals and visitors. Choose from a variety of sites, from remote wilderness to RV (recreational vehicle) parks complete with all the creature comforts. Explore vast landscapes in all parts of British Columbia, visit our magnificent national and provincial parks, swap stories with new friends or visit places off the beaten track.

In Greater Vancouver there are a variety of campgrounds to choose from. RV parks and campgrounds offer activities and facilities for the whole family. When choosing a campground or RV park look for facilities such as a playground, swimming, recreation/sports areas/activities, bike or canoe rentals, fishing, nature walks, BBQs. Some campgrounds even have an activities coordinator on site to organize both kids and adult events such as sports days, hayrides, pot-luck suppers and more.

Metro Vancouver also boasts a number of provincial parks, less than an hour's drive from the city. They're very popular in summer, so reservations are highly recommended. British Columbia is home to seven National Parks each with their own characteristics, protecting outstanding examples of Canada's natural environment. Camping is a great way to experience these national treasures.

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