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Dining Guides

As a true culinary destination, Vancouver’s dining scene offers quality, diversity, innovation and value. Whether you have a bulging wallet or are on a strict budget, you’ll eat well in this city. From the burgeoning street food scene and family-run cafes, through to waterfront seafood restaurants and high- rolling steak houses, you’ll come away amazed with Vancouver’s variety.

In fact, the variety could be the biggest problem. With so much to choose from, where do you start? We’ve prepared a selection of dining guides to help you narrow your focus depending on what you’re in the mood for. Will it be a table with a view, or a taste of the city’s multicultural diversity? A simple meal of wine and cheese, or a spectacular splurge?

When it comes to the city’s reputation for attracting foodies, you don’t need to take our word for it. Vancouver’s culinary scene has been lauded by international media—read what they have to say below.

"The number of truly outstanding restaurants in Vancouver is astonishing, and the prices are ridiculously low when compared to other food capitals..."
- The New York

"Fusion is the operative word in restaurant-rich Vancouver, where Northwest meets Japanese meets Indian meets Chinese."
- National Geographic Traveler

"...the city is so obsessed with haute cuisine... diners here spend more money eating out than any other city in Canada... and follow every move of local celebrity chefs with the relish of British soccer fans."
- Alexandra Gill, The Globe & Mail

"This is Vancouver where the culinary bar is raised higher and the restaurants are more trendsetting than anywhere in the United States."
- Tan Vinh, Seattle Times