Dining With A View

There is absolutely no shortage of restaurants in Vancouver, and we’re confident that we have the best in the world. Best seafood, best cocktails, best chefs and, of course, best views. Dining at a restaurant with a great view is simply icing on the cake, and in Vancouver, it’s turned into a quintessential experience. Whether you’re looking for a view of the water, mountains, city or the sunset, Vancouver restaurants offer some of the best views in the city. 

Water View

Surrounded on three sides by water, the views from Vancouver’s waterfront restaurants are easy on the eyes. But the most interesting views are those that give you a glimpse of the city’s busy harbours including fishing vessels, sail boats and the mini tug-boat ferries that take passengers back and forth across False Creek. For a dynamic harbour view, try Provence Marinaside in Yaletown—the patio is highly sought-after real estate in the summer. Continue further around the seawall and stop at Ancora, a Peruvian-Japanese restaurant with a fantastic view across False Creek to Granville Island. 

Mountain View

With the downtown peninsula facing the mighty North Shore Mountains, there are plenty of restaurants offering a killer view. Those along the north side of the peninsula, along the seawall are among the best places to peek at our peaks. Try spots in the Vancouver Convention Centre such as Tap & Barrel, with its 36 beers and 18 wines on tap for a brew with a view. Or continue down the seawall towards Stanley Park and enjoy a light bite or full dinner at LIFT. 

City View

With so much attention turning to Vancouver’s ever-present mountains, it’s refreshing to take a look back at the stunning city skyline from the other side. Head over to North Vancouver to visit one of the restaurants that take in a vista of downtown’s buildings and the port. By Lonsdale Quay, visit Pier 7, which sits at the end of dock jutting out into Burrard Inlet, with nothing between you and downtown but water. Or head up Grouse Mountain to dine at the high-end Observatory Restaurant. After taking the SkyRide up 1,100 metres (3,700 feet) to the peak, sit back and toast the amazing view of downtown Vancouver, Burrard Inlet and the Gulf Islands. 

Sunset View

On a clear night, Vancouver is blessed with amazing, multi-coloured sunsets that are sure to make you reach for your camera. Ending a sunny summer day, watching the sun go down while you enjoy your dinner is the perfect vacation treat. The best places to see the sunset are either up high, or by the water, especially around English Bay. If you want to take the first option, head to Grouse Mountain (mentioned above) or Vancouver’s highest point, Queen Elizabeth Park, where a window seat at Seasons in the Park will give you a prime viewing spot. If you’d prefer a waterfront dinner to take in the sunset, make a reservation at Beach Bay Café, right opposite English Bay Beach, or continue into Stanley Park for dinner at The Teahouse.

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