International Tasting Tours

Examples of Vancouver’s vast cultural influences are evident throughout the city, from its distinct neighborhoods to its visually stunning public artwork. But the cultural diversity becomes even more apparent with the city’s incredible array of international cuisines. Below are 10 suggestions for introducing your palate to authentic and delicious culinary styles from across the globe, without ever leaving Vancouver.


Why: Vancouver has some of the best Indian restaurants in the country, thanks to the city’s large South Asian population. You’ll find family run cafes through to grand palaces of cuisine, with lots of options for carnivores and vegetarians alike. 

Other Indian restaurants to consider


Why: Vancouver’s long-standing Japanese population was originally attracted to the fishing industry in British Columbia, and you’ll definitely see a Japanese influence in how the city eats its seafood! Sushi is practically the signature dish of Vancouver, and trying Japanese food while you’re here is a must. But don’t stop at sushi – there are plenty of other great specialties to try.
Try: It’s hard to go past Tojo’s for a high-end Japanese experience, but other innovative places to consider at Miku and Minami – sister restaurants that specialize in lightly seared Aburi-style sushi. For a more casual experience, try a pub-like izakaya like Hapa Izakaya or Guu Garden

Other Japanese restaurants to consider


Why: With more than 50 percent of the city claiming Asian heritage, Vancouver’s Chinese food is authentic, high-quality and delicious. You’ll find traditional dining rooms offering dim sum and banquets, but you’ll also find modern bistros that bring together Chinese and Western ingredients in an chic environment.
Try: For a traditional Chinese experience, head to Floata in Chinatown, or one of the upscale Kirin Restaurants.

Other Chinese restaurants to consider


Why: After a large post-war influx of Italian immigrants in the 1950s, Vancouver’s palate started becoming woken up by ingredients that were previously considered exotic. The city’s Italian community is no longer the only place you’ll find a great plate of pasta, regional specialties or authentic Neapolitan pizza.
Try: CinCin Ristorante, right on Robson Street. For a fun, Italian-American red sauce sort of experience, check out The Distillery in Yaletown, and for Neapolitan-certified pizza, visit Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Other Italian restaurants to consider

Mexican and Latin American

Why: Over the past decade, many immigrants and foreign language students from Mexico and points south have made their home in Vancouver. The city’s food scene has welcomed the influx of new flavours, and you can now find plenty of great Mexican food, along with dishes from Peru, Argentina, and Colombia in the city’s culinary mix. 
Try: Tacofino in Gastown is one of the city’s top spots to grab a taco and other Mexican specialties. For a taste of Peru, try the waterfront Ancora. Baru Latino Restaurante brings together influences from around South America in an inventive multi-national menu. 

Other Mexican and Latin American restaurants to consider