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canada line

A sleek new ride is whisking Vacouverites between Vancouver International Airport, downtown Vancouver, the waterfront and Richmond, with several stops in between. The Canada Line’s rapid-rail service began in August 2009, adding a convenient new transportation option and helping the city reduce the number of drivers on its streets.

Perhaps best of all, the travel time from the airport to downtown Vancouver is only about 25 minutes, making Canada Line an extremely convenient option for visitors travelling to and from the airport.

The Canada Line adds 16 new stations to TransLink, Metro Vancouver’s public transportation system, a robust network of trains, passenger ferries and buses. Connecting service to all of these modes of transport is available from Canada Line, ensuring you’re able to get to virtually every corner of the city without leaving the TransLink system.

One of the best advantages of the new line is a reduction in traffic. Canada Line is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to get riders through one of Vancouver’s busiest business and residential corridors. It stops at the airport, cruise-ship terminals, the Vancouver Convention Center and other popular destinations.

Additionally, the stations are well lit, transit police and employees are always on hand to help customers get to their destination safely and swiftly, and the line’s large train cars give travelers ample room to tote their luggage from the airport to their hotel.

So what do you need to know next before you try out Canada Line?

You can pay your fare at the ticket machines located at the stations. Canada Line tickets are good on all TransLink transportation options. Fares are determined by the number of zones you travel through and the time of day. Fares are less expensive after 6:30pm on weekdays and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays; during this timeframe, travel through all zones is permitted on a one-zone ticket. Zone maps are located at ticket machines, which can be found in all Canada Line stations.

For those who like to plan ahead, TransLink’s website features a Trip Planner, where you can enter your departure and arrival points and the time you’re traveling to find the best route for your trip. You can also access timetables and a Canada Line map to point you in the right direction.

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