Vancouver's Rain

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, pitter-patter. Listen closely to the soft sounds of fresh rain hitting the lush and leafy greenery as you splash along one of Vancouver’s many tree lined trails. Take a deep breath and let the aromas of cedar, fir, oak, and maple trees pair perfectly with the scent of green grass draped along ancient forest floors. Standing over the mist, Vancouver proudly resides in a perfect coastal rainforest which gives the city its temperate climate and vibrant green hues all year round.

Rain Clouds and the Lions Gate Bridge

Photo: Keenen Brown / Flickr

Steal yourself away from the lively city scene and into a whole new world of soft moss, dripping ferns, and embracing treetop canopies. Explore Stanley Park, an urban oasis, or the University of British Columbia Endowment Lands to find two old growth forests located within the city limits. Standing strong and proud, trees in these areas can be up to 400 years old. 

Stanley Park's Interior Forest

Photo: Colin Knowles / Flickr

The benefits of taking a rainy retreat in Vancouver are immense. For years, many have touted the positive health effects of forest bathing; a concept that began in Japan as a way to increase relaxation and reduce stress which has been adopted by many all over the world. But the wellness benefits are just one of the many ways you can enjoy Vancouver during its misty months.   

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park - Cliffwalk in the Rain

Photo: Samuel Rendon / Flickr

On a drizzly day, the city’s top attractions including Capilano Suspension Bridge and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, will evoke a sense of peace and tranquility as you explore them with ease. The Treetops Adventure course at Capilano Suspension Bridge provides you with a unique “squirrel’s eye view” of the West Coast rainforest should your desire to tread amongst the trees push you to pursue new heights. Strung between 250-year old Douglas fir trees, the series of suspension bridges and viewing platforms circle these ancient trees without the use of bolts or nails to promote their continued growth.


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A striking rooftop feature at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden can only be viewed when raining. The beautiful tilework has been shaped into delicately slanted furrows. As the rain collects, the beads fall to the ground in streams that look like strings of pearls. Stroll in solitude along the beaches at English Bay and Stanley Park which are a sight to behold as the skyline blends almost seamlessly into the deep blues and greys of the Pacific Ocean.

Couple on the beach in the rain

Photo: Sonika Arora 604 / Flickr

Hotel stays provide fantastic value to visitors during the rainy season by offering off-peak pricing, which keeps the pennies in your pocket and allows you to enjoy a comforting cocktail – perhaps a Dark and Stormy – at a lobby bar instead. 

Rain Rock at Kits Beach


Vancouver truly has a lot to offer visitors looking to embrace health and wellness in a rainforest setting.