Surf Up A Mountain

There are those people who find taking the Skyride gondola to Grouse Mountain’s peak a thrill-seeking experience. Given that it climbs 1,610 m (5,282 ft) up the mountain, the 360 degree view of Burrard Inlet, temperate rainforest and the city skyline from the windows that surround the cabin is both awe-inspiring, and for some, enough to get their heart racing.

Grouse Mountain Skyride Surf

But if all of that sounds a bit dull to you, you’re probably the sort of person who is going to love Grouse’s new Skyride Surf Adventure. Only available during summer months, instead of joining other passengers inside the gondola, you’ll take the ride up the mountain on the roof! The new experience has guests standing on an open-air, rooftop structure along with a guide, who then provides commentary for the ride, pointing out the city’s landmarks as you surf up the mountain, with the wind in your hair and alpine air filling your lungs!

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