Legion Filming Locations

Dive into David Haller’s wacky world in this comprehensive guide to Legion’s Vancouver locations.

One of the coolest sci-fi shows out there, FX’s Legion is part of the X-Men universe and tells the story of a mutant called David Haller (aka Legion) played by popular British actor Dan Stevens. The show also stars Aubrey Plaza, Rachel Keller and Jean Smart.

David is diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age, and has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals up to his early 30’s when the show begins. We viewers join him right when he discovers a new perspective on life thanks to a series of unexpected (and trippy!) events.

Where is/was Legion filmed?

Season 1 was filmed in and around Vancouver. Showrunner Noah Hawley says the city “…offers an amazing array of looks and feels and, obviously, a great crew base.” Sets for the series were constructed in a warehouse in the neighbouring city of Burnaby – these included a 23,000-square-foot interior for Clockworks Mental Hospital.

During our trip to Vancouver, we checked out a couple Legion filming locations, and the map below features these and more. We’ll add even more when and if we discover new sites worth visiting!

Thanks to FanGirl Quest for building this map!

How to use the Vancouver filming locations map:

  • Open the map legend at left (the icon on the upper left corner of the map frame)
  • Activate layers from different shows, or search for the corresponding markers as each show has its own color.

Below the map, you’ll find a list of locations matching each address with more information and photos. Happy hunting!


Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver, British Columbia

A scenically impressive Legion filming location, Whytecliff Park has been used as a filming location for Legion as well as Arrow and Once Upon A Time. Read more about Whytecliff Park in this blog post from FanGirl Quest.

Episode: 1×01

Scene: Syd and her team help David escape and escort him to the beach where he meets                       Melanie Bird.

Legion: Whytecliff Park

5255 Heather Street

Episodes: 1×01, 1×06 and 1×07

Scene: David escapes the mental hospital in Syd’s body and sees three strange people getting out of a car (1×01). Lenny leads therapy sessions in her office with team members in a dream version of the hospital; David is denied pie in the cafeteria (1×06). Lenny waits for David to grow weaker so she can take over (1×07).

Legion: Heather Street

University of British Columbia

Tons of scenes were filmed on UBC’s sprawling campus. Visit these Legion locations while you stroll the university – and take time to visit the other attractions situated in this beautiful site.

Buchanan Block D Building

Episode: 1×01

Scene: The café where David, in Syd’s body, lounges underneath a canopy.

Legion: UBC 1

Martha Piper Plaza

Episode: 1×01

Scene: David passes the Plaza while running from the baddies, then continues toward the Main Mall.

Main Mall

Episode: 1×01

Scene: Kerry and Ptonomy catch up to David.

Legion: UBC Campus

Walter C. Koerner Library

Episode: 1×01

Scene: David calls the hospital to enquire after Syd, but the call is cut short when he spots Kerry and Ptonomy stalking towards him.

Legion: UBC 2

UBC School of Music

Episode: 1×01

Scene: David converses with Syd beneath a covered walkway where she tells him the strange happenings he’s been experiencing are all in his mind – and that’s when even stranger things start to happen.

Legion: UBC 3

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

Episode: 1×07

Scene: David creates a classroom “mind palace” where he works through the parasite problem. Melanie heads down the hallway towards the site where frozen Oliver is being held.

Legion: Chan Centre

Deer Lake Park

Episodes: 1×02 and 1×07

Scene: David and Syd have a conversation along the shores of tranquil Deer Lake Park. A short scene from episode 7 also takes place here (exact coordinates unavailable).

Legion: Deer Lake Park

Drummond’s Walk

Episode: 1×04

Scene: Dr. Poole’s lighthouse doesn’t exist in reality, but the base for it does. Kerry, Ptonomy and Syd head over to the lighthouse to learn more about David – but they walk right into a trap.

Legion: Drummond's Walk

35 Gore Ave

Episode: 1×02

Scene: David spies Lenny across the street following his session with Dr. Poole.

Legion: Railtown

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