Altered Carbon Filming Sites in Vancouver

Flick on a Netflix sci-fi or superhero TV series, and chances are you’ll glimpse Vancouver in the background. Altered Carbon, which debuted in February 2018, is no exception – in fact, the dystopian drama was filmed almost exclusively in the city.

Vancouver’s architecturally stunning structures and dynamic landscapes translate beautifully to the series’ setting, which takes place more than 350 years in the future. The world of 2384 is a bleak, inhospitable space where people’s memories are reduced to mere storage devices, which are surgically inserted into “sleeves” (disposable human bodies). The series stars Joel Kinnaman as Takeshi Kovacs, a political operative who is the only survivor of a defeated uprising. He wakes up 250 years after his previous sleeve was exterminated, and is given the choice to either spend his life in prison or help solve the murder of a wealthy, powerful businessman named Laurens Bancroft (played by James Purefoy).

Click on the map below to read about major filming sites seen in Altered Carbon, and what they play in the show. Then watch or re-watch the series and see if you can spot them on-screen!