Where To Eat On Granville Island

Vancouver is a diverse city of many cultures and ethnicities, so it should come as no surprise that its culinary options are just as varied. A visit to Granville Island is a must for true foodies and adventurous diners looking to sample the best of this coastal city. This gastronomic-focused neighborhood offers everything from elegant waterfront restaurants to small ethnic eateries and public marketplaces. 

Public Market

Start with the bustling Granville Island Public Market, where exotic produce and gourmet ingredients are sold alongside global dishes and local specialties. If you’re looking to pick up a healthy snack, opt for local cherries and berries in season. For something more decadent, stop by one of the market’s bakeries or the doughnut shop. Assemble your own charcuterie plate or picnic fixings with a trip to one of the artisanal cheese makers, followed by a visit to Oyama Sausage Co., a local meat merchant offering mouth-watering options like silky duck prosciutto and garlicky chorizo.

If you’re looking for a ready-made meal, hit the public market’s food court. It offers a wide range of ethnic-inspired like Ukrainian pierogies, Indian butter chicken and fresh Japanese sushi. For a Vancouver staple within the market, try a pie at A La Mode, where you can choose from sweet dessert pies or an array of savoury pot pies, all topped with a flaky, buttery crust billowing over the edge of their containers. 

Island Restaurants

As one of the city’s top spots for sourcing local, seasonal ingredients, it’s no wonder that Granville Island’s restaurants are inspired by the market’s wares. With fishing boats just steps away, seafood is a natural choice—check out the menu at spots like Bridges, The Sandbar and Vancouver Fish Company
Bistros like Edible Canada at the Market are excellent places to sample the best of Canadian culinary specialties. 

Beer and Wine

Although Granville Island places heavy emphasis on food, there’s also an inclination toward adult beverages. The area is home to Canada’s first microbrewery and the country’s first boutique sake winery, as well as a spirits distillery and an excellent specialty wine store. Take a seat with a view of the marina at Dockside Brewing Company, and enjoy a pint of their Pelican Bay Brown Ale or Railspur IPA.

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