Top Oyster Bars

With its pristine, cold waters, British Columbia is known for producing impeccable oysters — and as a result, impeccable oyster bars. More than 20 oyster appellations can be found in glacial fjords around Vancouver Island, each providing a distinct flavor profile. Pull up a chair at these notable spots, where you can get a taste of Vancouver’s best bivalves. 

High-End Dining

These upscale restaurants offer not only an excellent selection of B.C. oysters, but they’ll likely have a superb list of fine Champagnes to pair them with.   

Mid-Range Options

These places will offer you a great selection of freshly-shucked oysters, but with a more relaxed atmosphere. Still, if you want to stay for dinner, you’ll find delicious seafood dishes to round out your meal. 

Casual Hotspots

Come as you are to these casual restaurants, and slurp down an oyster or two with a pint or a glass of wine. You’ll find a friendly atmosphere is a great pairing for oysters. 

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