Brunch Spots in Vancouver

One of the best things about vacations — or weekends, for that matter — is the slower pace of normal activities. For example, take brunch. A far cry from a hectic morning meal or a quick lunch break, this leisurely weekend ritual involves delicious food, easy-drinking cocktails and plenty of time for good conversation. And, no matter what kind of brunch you’re craving, Vancouver has a range of options to suit your tastes. Here are some of our favourite brunches in Vancouver.


For some people, brunch isn’t brunch unless the menu offers an eggs benedict or two, French toast and an omelette. There are plenty of places that offer a traditional brunch, and then there are those that do it really well. For the traditionalists, you’ll find some lovely Vancouver options in every neighbourhood, offering comfort with a side of bacon.

Try: In Gastown, lines form for the weekend brunch at Catch 122, where the French-inspired comfort food includes an eggs benedict that comes with your choice of braised short ribs, smoked salmon, smoked ham, or roasted mushrooms.

The Sustainable Table

Vancouver’s best restaurants are keenly aware of where, how and by whom their ingredients are sourced. They’re poster children for local, seasonal eating, and why should brunch be any different? Are the following spots, expect regional specialties like Ocean Wise-approved smoked salmon together with locally-sourced produce, ethically-farmed meats and even B.C. wines and spirits in your brunch cocktail.

Try: With a location right opposite the Granville Island Public Market, it’s no surprise that Edible Canada at The Market has a focus on hyper-local ingredients as well as Canadian signature dishes. The Hazelmere Hash, prepared with farm-fresh roasted root vegetables, local boar bacon and poached eggs in a classic. Over at Forage in the Listel Hotel downtown, pair Chef Chris Whittaker’s locally-sourced brunch menu with a Kir Royale cocktail made from local bubbles and Vancouver-made cassis.

Upscale and Indulgent

Brunch isn’t your everyday meal, so why not take it to a whole new level by indulging in a decadent version of your favourite dishes? Some of Vancouver’s upscale restaurants open early on weekends to serve brunch, especially those in luxury hotels. These brunch menus take traditional dishes and add up the stakes with their focus on quality ingredients, excellent service and refined surroundings.

Try: YEW Seafood + Bar in the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver is known for its sustainable seafood, making it the perfect place to indulge in lobster scrambled eggs and their YEW Seafood Caesar—a sea- faring version of the classic Canadian cocktail. Over at MARKET by Jean-Georges in the Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver, the brunch program features shared plates, encouraging you to indulge with a group of friends, as well as “bottomless oysters” and an exceptional Champagne list.


Not everyone wants to sit down over another plate of bacon and eggs. Brunch can be a great excuse to mix things up, and experiment with a new cuisine, or just a new take on brunch. You’ll find plenty of Vancouver restaurants taking a unique approach to brunch, for a meal that you’ll be talking about for days.

Try: At Café Medina and Chambar brunch isn’t just something they do well, it’s what they focus on. The restaurant’s Mediterranean-inspired dishes are a breath of fresh air; try the tagine with eggs, spicy merguez sausage and chickpeas, which is guaranteed to break you out of your brunch rut. Italians don’t traditionally brunch, but over at Ask for Luigi, they’ve invented their own version of the meal. Their tagliatelle alla carbonara with a poached egg on top is rich, decadent and makes perfect sense.

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