Best Places for Cheese and Charcuterie

Vancouver revels in its abundance of fresh, local ingredients, and menus around town frequently tout the goods of nearby farmers and small-production companies. And nothing could be simpler than a plate of cheese and charcuterie for showing off the wares of local food artisans. Whether you’re inclined toward a sharp Cheddar or an oozy soft-ripened cheese; a luxurious paté or a rustic-and-garlicky sausage, taste test Vancouver’s best cheeses and charcuterie plates at these local hot spots.


If a restaurant is named after an animal, chances are, the charcuterie plate is going to be fantastic. Wildebeest has built their menu around whole-animal cookery that brings together honest ingredients in adventurous dishes. Enter the charcuterie plate, which features an ever-changing range of house-made items, perfect for sharing over a glass of wine or craft beer.

The Belgard Kitchen

In keeping with its non-pretentious surroundings, the charcuterie board at The Belgard Kitchen is simply referred to as a “sausage board.” The plate includes a couple of delicious grilled sausages, plus a selection of other meats, cheese, pickles, and their mushroom and bacon paté. The restaurant also offers a massive range of B.C. wines on tap, as well as an on-site brewery.