Pet Friendly Vancouver

With plenty of wide-open parks, miles of winding trails and a population full of active people, it's no surprise that Vancouver is known for being a dog-lover's city. 

Recognized by as one of North America’s most dog-friendly cities, Vancouver has proven to be a place that is welcoming to everyone, including pets. 

For visitors who love to travel with furry friends, there are dozens of local hotels that welcome pets. In fact, many of the finest hotels in the city open their arms to four-legged customers. Be sure to call your hotel before your arrival for complete information regarding their pet policies. 
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Know the Regulations for Bringing Your Pet to Canada

In Canada, the National Animal Health Program sets the import requirements for bringing your pet into Canada. Be sure to check the regulations before travel and give yourself enough time to obtain the required documentation. 

Pet-friendly Accommodation in Vancouver

The majority of Vancouver hotels are pet-friendly, and happy to welcome your four-legged friends when you stay with them. In most cases there are restrictions on the number, type or size of animals that can stay with you in your room, and there may also be a fee charged to cover extra cleaning costs associated with having your pet in the room. If you’re travelling with your pet, make sure you contact the hotel directly to make sure that it is going to meet your pet-friendly needs. 

Off-leash Parks in Vancouver 

Vancouver's well behaved canine population can take part in special off-leash privileges during specific times at over 30 select Vancouver parks with off-leash areas. Included in these areas are a number of beaches that are designated for off-leash use at least part of the time. 

The designated off-leash times and parks (or areas within parks) are not exclusively for dogs but are to be shared with all park users. Owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs, including picking up and disposing of their waste. 

The City of Vancouver’s website offers information on all of these off-leash areas including hours, rules and other etiquette. Please note that areas and hours can change seasonally.