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Personal Travel Insurance

Individual travellers are advised to obtain their own personal health, luggage or other travel insurance as desired. However, regardless of financial status or health care coverage, British Columbia hospitals will not refuse treatment to those who require it. Any visitor can purchase 'Visitor to Canada Insurance' after they arrive in British Columbia.

Motor Coach Insurance

All charter services operating in B.C. must carry the Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card, Canada-Interprovincial. All B.C.-based receptive tour operators must be duly registered with the British Columbia Registry of Travel Companies.


All United States motorists are advised to obtain a Canadian Non-Resident Interprovince Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card. This card is available only in the United States through US insurance agents. All provinces in Canada require that visiting motorists produce evidence of financial responsibility should they be involved in an accident.

If you’re renting a car, the rental company will be able to make sure that you are aware of your insurance needs depending on the regions you are driving through. 

For more information on driving in British Columbia and the rules of the road, please contact the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (known as ICBC) either online, by calling 604.661.2255 or visit their downtown Vancouver location at Suite 221 - 1055 West Georgia Street. The organization’s driving guides are available online.

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