In The Media

The following articles have been published by key travel media about the vibrant LGBT scene in Vancouver:

The First Movers of Vancouver, WINQ

“And so to Vancouver, on the occasion of Canada’s celebrations of a decade of country-wide equal marriage, at just about the same time as the noisy neighbour’s Supreme Court agrees to play catch-up. Could this be Utopia? Could this beautiful city, squeezed between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains, and declared the world’s ‘most liveable’ by the Economist Intelligence Unit, be that something over the rainbow we seek? Is British Columbia, which by itself has had equal marriage since 2003, the pot of gold?”


An LGBT Guide to Vancouver, Canada's Most Gay-Friendly City, Conde Nast Traveler

“Canada’s Pacific Northwest jewel is a mecca for foodies, cocktail and coffee enthusiasts, outdoor fitness and biking fans—and LGBTs. Caleb Donszelmann, openly gay concierge for Opus Hotel Vancouver, offers up some musts. Vancouver, British Columbia is one of Canada’s hottest destinations, seeing record-breaking numbers of visitors. You can put that down to its breathtaking sights, extensive bicycle paths and nature, and easygoing LGBT-friendly populace: in fact, this summer the country celebrates ten years of marriage equality.”


A Definitive Gay Guide to Vancouver, B.C., Out Traveler

“As one of the earliest countries in modern times to recognize same-sex marriage, Canada has long been considered one of the greatest destinations for LGBT travelers, and Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia, is a shining example of a city that has successfully incorporated its LGBT residents, culture, and history into its larger identity.” 


Honeymoon in Paradise: Vancouver, Out Magazine 

“Though Vancouver shares much in common with Seattle and Portland, the verdant metropolis distinguishes itself with the unbridled ambition of your high school valedictorian. In fact, the city is stumping to become the greenest in the world (a title currently held by Reykjavik) by 2020. It’s no surprise, then, that when this town does food, it’s reliably farm-to-table, snout-to-tail, and everything in between, should adventurous foodie honeymooners need persuading.”


Ahead of the Couve, OutThere 

“As the patchwork of small islands that form the coast surrounding Vancouver slowly dissolve behind the clouds, my heart grows a little heavy with sadness. Just four days ago, Vancouver was all but a mystery to me, just another city, somewhere in the world, that I had heard a few interesting things about, but that was all. Today, as I head South for Los Angeles, I couldn’t help but to plot my return as soon as possible.”