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Promotion Opportunities

Dine Out Vancouver™ Festival

Dine Out Vancouver Festival gives local and visiting food aficionados unlimited opportunities to indulge in Vancouver’s exceptionally diverse culinary creations. Vancouver itself is blessed with a location that provides immediate access to freshly sourced ingredients, a multicultural mix that influences its flavours, and talent in its kitchens which rivals many of the world’s culinary masters.

In 14 years, Dine Out Vancouver Festival (#DOVF) has grown from 57 to nearly 300 participating restaurants and over 100 dining experiences establishing it as Canada’s largest food and drink festival attracting over 100,000 participants annually. Originally conceived to encourage consumers to dine at Vancouver restaurants during a traditionally quiet time of the year, the festival has evolved to be a true celebration of the city’s culinary elements.

Registration for participation in this event occurs annually during the month of August.

To participate in this event or for more information, please contact Lucas Pavan, Festival Coordinator.

New Product Guide

Tourism Vancouver's New Product Guide is for distribution to international buyers and local receptive tour operators. The guide consists of product summaries and its objective is to introduce our members' NEW and UNIQUE products and packages and to reinforce Vancouver's positioning as a four season destination. All products must be export-ready and valid to the travel trade.

Please note that the New Product Guide is produced twice annually, in the Spring and Fall. All requests for content and images are sent through the Member Extranet. It is requested that your product description be kept to a three sentence maximum and all submissions should be written to the tour operator audience.

IMPORTANT: Tourism Vancouver reserves the right to accept or reject submissions.