Since 2012, our Tourism Energy Specialist, Gwendal Castellan, has reported annually on his accomplishments working with member tourism businesses – and this year, we have a new achievement to celebrate. In the past year, Gwendal’s work with members resulted in 1.09 GWh of electrical energy savings and 1,313 GJ of natural gas projects saving. Together, these efficiencies saved member businesses $112,600 per year.

Looking back on the last four years, the cumulative impact is more impressive.
We have run eight education session engaging 290 members and coordinated the Candlelight Conservation Dinner and the Earth Cocktail Hour campaigns with more than 272 member hotels and restaurants participating. The energy conservation program has engaged 83-member energy conservation consultations, which has resulted in 23 conservation projects to date. These projects led to:

  • A cumulative sum of 7.5 GWh of energy savings (enough to charge 1,581 Teslas for a year, or power a 200-room hotel- for 5.4 years)
  • $514,226 in incentives paid out by BC Hydro
  • $257,500 of utility cost savings
  • 893 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided

In the past year, we have also supported development of the first Tourism Facilities Managers Association (, inspired by Hotel Facility Managers Associations in Toronto, New York and Seattle. The VTFMA expanded the scope to other keystone tourism facilities in the region, focusing its mandate around the belief that well-managed tourism facilities are a key pillar to providing a safe, welcoming and exceptional visitor experience. Advancing and supporting the practice of tourism facility management will help develop Vancouver as a world-leading sustainable community and tourism destination.