Energy Star Portfolio Manager



Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is pleased to advise that the new ENERGY STAR® Score for Hotels in Canada is now available through ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. The release of this new score will allow you to compare the energy performance of your buildings to the national stock of similar buildings.

As this is a brand new score, there is a new use detail called Gross Floor Area Used for Food Preparation that is used to calculate the 1 – 100 ENERGY STAR score. The default value for this use detail is zero. Please take a moment to update this use detail with the correct information for your building to ensure the accuracy of your score.

If your score is 75 or higher, consider applying for ENERGY STAR Certification and being among the first hotels in Canada to be recognized for your commitment to energy efficiency!

If you are interested in learning more about how to benchmark your hotel energy, water and waste with Energy Star Portfolio Manager, contact Gwendal Castellan, Tourism Vancouver’s Manager of Sustainable Destination Development. This is a great tool that can automate energy data collection and track facility performance