Effective July 20th stage 3 water restrictions are in effect throughout Metro Vancouver. Be sure to know how these restrictions affect your business and at home. The city of Vancouver has published a good summary infographic here.

This is a good opportunity to get a handle on your water use.

1 - Collect your water bills for the past year and see how much water you actually use. Billing units are 100 cubic feet or 2,831.6 litres.

2 - Did you know that there is a seasonal commercial conservation water rate?

3 - Based on your past usage set a conservation goal for next year.

Then get started by performing a walkthrough of your facility looking for leaks and malfunctioning equipment. Did you know a leaky toilet can waste 750 L of water per day, a cost of $270 per year.

Want to learn more? Contact Tourism Vancouver's Energy Specialist, Gwendal Castellan