Tourism Vancouver’s consumer marketing team has launched a number of campaigns so far this year to inspire, engage, and drive visitation from USA this spring, as well as drive winter travel from Australia later in the year and into 2019.

Here are some of the campaigns we’ve been working on:




Tourism Vancouver has partnered with Expedia to run a campaign into California and Dallas to drive incremental volume out of California during need weeks in April/May. During the first few weeks of the campaign, the ads have generated over 1,300 room nights and over 2,040 flight tickets to Vancouver.


In the coming months Tourism Vancouver will also be working with Expedia to promote the new flight route out of Chicago and re-engaging in the Fall with new destination brand messaging.


Social Media Contest


A social media and contest promotion has just wrapped in California called “Lighten Your Spring in Vancouver” to bring the city top of mind when it comes to a vacation that’s lighthearted and rejuvenating. The contest highlighted activities and sights in springtime and encouraged sharing and re-posting to personal Instagram accounts.




Vancouver is truly a place of inclusion and a city where people can be themselves. Tourism Vancouver’s Diversity & LGBTQ2+ campaign is ramping up to promote spring and fall travel, and to brand Vancouver to Americans during their own Pride festivals in their home city.


Culinary Tourism is embarking on spring and fall marketing, new videos and a refreshed website for a more mobile-first approach.




A digital and influencer campaign in Australia is launching to promote winter travel and pre-post city trips by skiers, sport and culinary-enthusiasts from Melbourne, Sidney and Brisbane.