For over a year now, Tourism Vancouver and our partner Metro-Vancouver communities have been collaborating on, a culinary tourism website, and marketing program that has been reaching out along the west coast of the USA enticing food lovers to taste the locally global cuisine of Vancouver and our metro-to-valley region. The content-rich blogs, videos, and appetite-inducing photography have been growing, and we would once again like to invite members to participate in sharing our rich culinary scene with our neighbours to the south, and more recently…our neighbours from within the rest of our amazing province.


Whether you are a restaurateur, a caterer, a baker, a mixologist, a brewer, a vintner or just a foodie in the tourism industry, we’d like your recipes! We currently have distilleries contributing drink recipes, cafes contributing baked goods, and restaurants sharing their family secrets.


But how does this promote you? If you are not a restaurateur, it gives a human touch to your business; we all eat, and sharing flavours we love can connect us in a meaningful way. If you are a restaurateur, it’s a given – show off your expertise!


Every recipe will have the name of the creator in the byline, along with a link to your business. You can also include a personal blurb about the recipe – where it came from (culturally, and/or in terms of the local ingredients you use), why you love it, or just a hint to make it a bit different (how to make an omnivore dish vegetarian, for example.) Make sure you are able to provide a clear, well-lit photo of the finished product that is at least 1200px x 900px.


If you’d like to share a recipe, contact Alexis Baran, Marketing Specialist at