Tourism Vancouver wants to keep you up-to-date on our newest member additions as you all are key to establishing meaningful relationships within the tourism and hospitality industries.

This month, Tourism Vancouver is excited to welcome our newest members: THE HOME & THNK SCHOOL OF CREATIVE LEADERSHIP, THE KINO, VISION EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY.

The Home & THNK School of Creative Leadership
”A worldwide shift begins with people who apply imagination, hack, break and ignore rules, and inspire others. THE HOME is an environment for engineering change as a global movement – a venue for groundbreaking ideas” ~ Lee Feldman, Founder, THNK School of Creative Leadership.

The Kino
In the heart of Cambie Village, The Kino Café provides Spanish tapas bar and a variety of live performances, including their popular and energetic flamenco dancing and singing.

Vision Event Photography
Vision Event Photography Founder Mark Kinskofer and his dedicated staff of professional photographers, videographers and creative specialists, provide an array of photography services. With on-site studios, on-site printing, time-lapse videos, videography, and more, Vision Event Photography has the talent, team and technology to make your moments matter.