Tourism Vancouver is booking Member 2 Member Mixer hosts for 2017! M2M's create an informal venue for Tourism Vancouver members to connect with industry colleagues and build relationships. Hosting is an excellent way to showcase your business to fellow members.

These monthly networking events are an opportunity for members to meet, chat and create new connections in the industry. They’re also a great chance for member venues to show us what they’ve got! Drinks and light canapes are provided by the host and Tourism Vancouver will provide a $500 subsidy to assist with the cost.

For those members who are interested in being featured at these events, you may consider one of our spotlight opportunities. A chance to feature your operation at a trade-show table. Bring collateral, have a few conversations and spread the word about what you do.

Countless partnership opportunities have formed as a result of these networking events, get connected and get involved now!

For more information or to register as a host or spotlight feature, please contact Leanne, Membership Specialist, Engagement. 604-631-2818