Celebrate Music in the City with JUNO Week in Vancouver

The JUNO Awards are coming to Vancouver in March, inviting visitors from across the country to experience spring in Vancouver and discover how culturally rich and brimming with musical expression and creativity Vancouver truly is.

Tourism Vancouver has been supporting a destination-forward JUNOs message in a number of ways, such as providing imagery, video and assets for nation-wide promotion, providing information on pre-sale opportunities to our subscribers across the globe, expanding PR reach across borders, and partnering local experiences with the JUNOs in our sweepstakes.

What can you do to get into the music this March? JUNO Week is March 19th – 25th, and we’d like to fill the destination with local musical talent. Here are some ways you can be a part of it:

  • Include music at your attractions, restaurants, services in a creative way
  • Hire buskers or musicians to play live
  • Add a music in Vancouver component to tours
  • Have an opening or closing band at your events
  • Decorate spaces with music-themed art or photography

Tell us what you’re doing to fill the city with music during JUNO Week by emailing Alexis Baran abaran@tourismvancouver.com