Fortis BC has reached out to call for participants for a pilot energy efficiency technology for hotels that are less than 15 storeys tall.

The pilot technology is an on-demand recirculation controls of Domestic Hot Water which is expected to generate savings in two ways:


  1. Reduces water heating costs: By adding the controls, you will not have to continuously heat water at high temperatures when there is no demand for it reducing gas consumption.
  2. Reduces pump operation: When you take a recirculation pump that is running 24 hours per day, seven days per week and begin to control it, the pump will run approximately six hours per day, reducing electrical demand.


The purpose of the On-Demand Recirculation Controls Pilot seeks to quantify the claimed savings of 5-20%.

Subject to the pilot terms and requirements, the selected participants will receive the demand controls with installation of the unit at no cost


If you are interested you will need to submit an application no later than July 30th 2018 RCP Pilot Application Form - Final.pdf (open link)

The pilot will start in September 2018.


Video describing DHW demand control technology.


Domestic hot water (“DHW”) recirculation systems in commercial buildings reduce the waiting time that building occupants experience when they make a hot water draw far away from the water heater.  Typically, the recirculation pump operates continuously, pumping water from the water heater through a loop that traverses around the entire building and returns to the water heater.  The DHW in the loop is maintained at an elevated temperature, resulting in significant heat loss, whether or not there is demand for DHW.  The purpose of demand controls is to operate the recirculation pump only in response to DHW demand.  This results in lower temperatures in the DHW loops and less pump operation, leading to a potential 5-20% of natural gas and electricity savings.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the program:  RCP Pilot Fact Sheet.docx (open link)

The brochure from the system that will be tested: Commercial Brochure.pdf (open link)

Specifications for the system: DCSpecs-2018.pdf (open link)


If you have any questions please contact Vladimir Kostka, Key account manager at Fortis BC.

Tel.: 604 592 7967