This summer, Tourism Vancouver helped a Greenest City Scholar, Emily Mistick, to engage with tourism businesses that were implementing alternative water systems in their operations. 

The aims of the project were to:

  • Prepare a toolkit for Vancouver businesses that would explain the regulatory environment, available system options, and local supply landscape for on-site systems that draw on non-potable sources
  • Inform the development of a by-law amendment being prepared by the City of Vancouver Waterworks Design Branch with the needs and desires of local businesses adn equipment suppliers and contractors

Emily created a concise toolkit to help get businesses started with installing alternative water systems for industrial/commercial water uses. If your business is interested in increasing its resiliency and being less affected by temporary summer water restrictions, please read the Alternative Water System Toolkit for Vancouver Businesses 2018 document. 

A draft by-law will be presented for approval to Vancouver City Council in early 2019. The proposed amendments are intended to clarify design requirements to raise the commissioning, operations and maintenance standards of new and existing alternative water systems. Proposed amendments for mechanical systems include mandatory registration and annual operating permits for rainwater cisterns, building water treatment systems, cooling towers/evaporative condensers and decorative water features.  For more information on current water efficiency requirements and details on the proposed alternative water systems by-laws, read more in the City of Vancouver by-law changes document - May 31, 2018.