The Province of British Columbia is providing $600,000 under the Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program to encourage the use of electric vehicles in B.C.’s public and private fleets with the ultimate goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Fleet Champions Program (FCP) will provide financial incentives, training and education, business support and technical assistance to help fleet operators add EVs, including:

  • Incentives of 33 percent of the total cost (up to $2,000) for the purchase and installation of Level 2 charging stations in fleet parking areas
  • Education and training seminars, webinars and workshops for fleet managers and staff to provide information regarding EV benefits, guides and operational requirements
  • Support for fleets to develop, as necessary, the business case for adding EVs, including infrastructure installation incentive.
  • A dedicated website with information and tools for any fleets in B.C. interested in adopting EVs