As you are no doubt aware, some areas of British Columbia are currently dealing with forest fires. Our thoughts and prayers are with those people and communities directly affected by the fires. Also, with the brave firefighters and emergency personnel who are working on the front lines.

Tourism Vancouver, in coordination with Destination BC, will continue to monitor the situation closely. Our concerns are of course for the health and safety of visitors, but also for the BC tourism industry. During the forest fires last year (2017), Vancouver and other areas of BC that were not affected by forest fires did experience a decline in visitors, particularly from Washington State, Oregon and California. We attribute that drop, in part, to the 2017 forest fires and the mis-perception that the whole province was on fire, which of course was not the case.

It is important that the fire situation is communicated accurately to the public so that the tourism industries in areas of the province that are unaffected by fires are not unduly impacted.

With that in mind, Tourism Vancouver has created some Key Messages for Members to share with Visitors.

Key Messages for 2018 BC Forest Fires

  • Some areas of British Columbia are currently dealing with forest fires

  • However, British Columbia is a very large and diverse province, and there are many areas - including Vancouver - that are not directly impacted 

  • We do suggest that visitors stay informed about the forest fire situation. In particular, visitors whose travel plans may include trips to the BC interior

  • We suggest visitors contact their accommodation provider or tour operator directly to get the key facts about the area of BC they are visiting

  • We suggest visitors check Destination BC’s Emergency Preparedness page 

  • Vancouver is currently a little hazy and the air quality is sometimes affected by smoke from fires in other areas of the province

  • The air quality situation is changing constantly. People with respiratory issues may want to check Metro Vancouver’s “Current Air Quality” map. Some visitors may prefer to opt for indoor activities on certain days