As a member of Tourism Vancouver, you have exclusive access to our media relations program. We appreciate the continued support of our members who help us inspire travel to our great city. Here’s a quick recap on what our Communications Team does and how we can help you:

What does the Communications team do?

Our goal is to secure print, broadcast, and online media coverage that features Vancouver as a leading travel destination. We achieve this in many ways: working with travel journalists, broadcasters and influencers from top-tier outlets worldwide; pitching stories to outlets in key markets; and conducting media calls in key markets. We also host accredited media in Vancouver so they can experience the city and produce compelling coverage that motivates readers to travel here now. 

How do I get my business featured in media coverage?

First, connect with us directly and we’ll walk you through our Visiting Journalist Program.  We’ll then set you up to receive Media Leads, which alert you to visiting media we are hosting in our destination.

When hosting media, we appreciate complimentary experiences, but we also realize this isn’t always possible. Media rates are also a huge help. 

Often, journalists will research stories about Vancouver without visiting our city. In these cases, journalists will reach out to our team for story ideas – and that’s why we’ll send notes to you asking for ideas

When your business is starting a new and interesting service, doing something unique, or truly special, please give us a heads-up. We may be able to share that news with the right media to get you coverage.

What do I do when media reach out to me directly?

If media reach out to you directly and you are unsure whether you should host, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have an extensive database that we can reference to help you determine if a particular journalist is a fit. As much as we’re here to help spread the word about Vancouver, we’re also happy to support your business’ media initiatives and want to ensure you also get strong ROI when you engage in these activities.

I responded to your Media Lead, but never heard back.

We do our best to match members to appropriate media opportunities, and we’re sorry if we weren’t able to respond to you directly. Media are specific about what they need for their story, and our goal is to provide options that best fit their assignment. Helpful hint: when you respond to Media Leads, tell us why your business fits the outlet or editorial focus. Also note that media tend to be interested in new, unique or quintessentially Vancouver experiences. 

I hosted someone. When will I see the coverage?

We track articles, tag Members who are featured, and upload the articles to Simpleview – so don’t forget to check the Extranet periodically for new coverage that might have been uploaded (ask your Account Executive to show you where this is if you have trouble finding it). When we host media, we do our best to ensure there will be a strong return on investment for all partners involved; this includes reviewing past coverage, working with well-known outlets and analyzing ad rates and audience demographics, among other factors. However, sometimes when coverage is expected, things happen that are out of our control. Media coverage is never 100 percent guaranteed and we appreciate your understanding if timelines or deliverables shift.

For those of you who regularly host visiting media, thank you for your support. And for those who would like more information or have further questions about the Communications team and what we do, please reach out to us. We’re happy to help.

Sonu, Brianna, Saschie and Lenee