What does it mean to be Climate Smart?
All across Canada, people are looking practical ways that they can  can respond to climate change. This is true no matter where you work, and no matter what your position is in your workplace.

The effects of our warming climate are not distant or remote: they are resulting in longer, drier summers with increased threat of wildfire and drought all across Canada, right now. In the face of this challenge, leaders of businesses large and small are taking action – not only because it feels good, but because it benefits the bottom line.

Climate Smart enables businesses to leverage the business case for greenhouse gas reductions – including improved operational efficiencies, cost savings, employee engagement, and benchmarking data – adding up to increased competitive advantage. Through small-group training sessions, expert one-on-one coaching, and customized reporting and analysis, Canadian businesses are set up to future-proof their operational costs with a reliable return on the investment.

Why are businesses managing their carbon emissions?
The answer depends on the business. For many, it is about cost savings. Once they start to look under the hood of their business, so to speak, they see opportunities to tighten up operating practices that improve their bottom line. In fact, our clients save an average of $26,000 annually – including 16 Tourism Vancouver member.

We have worked closely with businesses in the tourism sector, including SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts, the Listel Hotel and Landsea Tours. We supported each of those companies to implement solutions that helped them to achieve their goals. We understand the dynamic needs of your employees and clients, and we can work with you to develop business-specific strategies that will work for you.

Beyond practical tools to cut costs associated with energy, waste, and fuel, there are many other benefits, including:

  • measurable progress towards sustainability and energy management goals: Climate Smart fits well within the Green Key Eco-rating: businesses that participate in Climate Smart are equipped to increase their Green Key ranking;
  • expert support to access funding opportunities – including federal, local and utility rebates – for retrofits, operational improvements, equipment and vehicle upgrades, often valued into the thousands;
  • staying competitive within supply chains, with quantifiable data and certification for corporate social responsibility reports, and RFPs, bids, tenders;
  • engaging employees and enhancing your brand; and
  • connecting with a growing network of leading Canadian businesses.

Which type of business can benefit the most from becoming Climate Smart certified?
Companies large and small all across Canada, from all kinds of industry sectors, are Climate Smart certified – 900 and counting. Small and medium-sized businesses (SME’s) are emerging as key partners in the transition to a low carbon economy, making up more than 98% of Canadian companies and approximately 30% of a community’s emissions.

But it’s not just small businesses. Many of our bigger corporate clients work with us because we engage their value chains, helping them to avoid risks to their hard-won brand status. If companies with a reputation for sustainability leadership are found to be working with suppliers that don’t meet those standards, it exposes them to negative press and lost opportunities.

How can businesses get involved?
We have a very exciting opportunity for companies in Vancouver to access a $1,000 discount on the award-winning Climate Smart training program. Find out all the details here:


In case you missed it, Tourism Vancouver hosted a webinar on November 29th which was a conversation with Climate Smart on the intersection of Climate Change and Tourism. To listen to the webinar, click here.