Vancouver is one of North America’s hottest cities and is host to a variety of events and conferences every year, drawing many VIPs to our bustling city. Transportation around Vancouver is certainly on the up and one of the main game changers has been the birth of Ripe Rides.

Ripe is a mid-tier luxury sedan limousine service which is ordered, tracked, and paid for all through its smart-phone app (for both iOS and Android).

With Vancouver becoming a hub for both work and play, riding around in style has never been more important, which is why Ripe Rides have created an easy to use, reliable service that gets you from A to B with no stress. Whether it be checking out Kitsilano’s newest brunch spot with friends, or attending a networking event on a Gastown rooftop, you have the opportunity to travel in affordable luxury thanks to this smartly sought after app.

Here’s how using Ripe Rides can make life easier for meeting delegates:  

Accurate Cost and Time Estimates:
The Ripe app leverages Google’s map software, allowing you to easily enter in your pickup and drop-off locations whether it be actual street addresses or location names. Once you enter both locations, the app will calculate a Ride Estimate, letting you know what your approximate fare will be. Once you’re synced with a driver, you will receive their ETA, which is based on their real-time location. You can even track the driver as they make their way towards you!  These features are great as you’ll always know when your ride will arrive, giving you time to finish up at a meeting, settle your bill or coordinate an airport pickup.  

Riding in Luxury:
Gone are the days of having to track down a cab. The Ripe app automatically sends you a push notification and a text message when your driver arrives. A brand new 2016 Cadillac XTS sedan will be waiting for you, paired with a professional driver. All drivers go through extensive screening and training, ensuring you always receive that extra special treatment you deserve.  

Seamless Payments Through the App:
All of your trips are automatically billed through your registered credit card, so you no longer have to fumble for cash. Additionally, all of the drivers are full-time employees and are not paid based on a commission structure, so tipping is not required. After each trip, you will receive a detailed e-receipt via email and through the app, so you can always see the cost of your past trips, which driver you had, and where you went.  

And More!
There’s a range of other features Ripe Rides offers that make travel that much more luxurious and simple. You're able to book for others to ensure that special someone gets picked up in style. You can also split the cost of the trip with other Ripe members, with the app doing all the math for you!  

Ripe Rides is a great transportation option, giving you the luxury you deserve, all from your smart-phone.

Download the app and check out the service today!