Tourism Vancouver and the Vancouver Convention Centre have been awarded the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers’ (IAPCO) inaugural 2016 Collaboration Award in recognition of their continued partnership to raise the bar for event management services in Vancouver.

IAPCO’s prestigious award draws attention to the importance of collaboration within the events industry by recognizing partnerships that deliver outstanding bids, conference management and long-term campaigns. Tourism Vancouver and the Vancouver Convention Centre’s long-standing partnership was nominated by International Conference Services Ltd. (ICS), a Vancouver-based company that regularly works with both organizations in the planning and execution of conferences, meetings and other events.

Throughout the year, Tourism Vancouver and the Vancouver Convention Centre collaborate closely with IAPCO member companies in and around the city. IAPCO companies must meet stringent Quality Programme requirements, including annual assessments and regular attendance at educational seminars. The Collaboration Award not only recognizes the organizations’ successful partnerships with each other and other businesses within the hospitality community, but also ensures Vancouver is top-of-mind for international clients seeking high-level services.

“Vancouver’s hospitality community is renowned among industry leaders for maintaining strong relationships and employing a collaborative approach,” said Dave Gazley, vice president of Meeting & Convention Sales at Tourism Vancouver. “We are honoured to have been nominated by our ICS colleagues, and we look forward to continuing to raise the bar globally for event management.”

"Thank you to IAPCO for initiating an award that recognizes the importance of partnerships in achieving success," said Claire Smith, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Vancouver Convention Centre. "We are fortunate to have strong partnerships with Tourism Vancouver, International Conference Services and other professional congress organizers. With our collaborative approach, we have been able to attract some of the most sought after global meetings, as well as meet the needs of our clients in a seamless manner."

“This award raises professional standards of conference management in Vancouver,” said Mathias Posch, president of International Conference Services Ltd.. “It is a model that should be adopted by more tourism bureaus to raise standards and attract more international conferences to exceptional destinations like Vancouver.”