When someone says “Vancouver” you probably think of two things: mountains and water! We’ve already given you ideas for leaving the downtown conference room behind and taking your meeting up into the mountains, but when it comes to teambuilding activities, it’s hard to beat the amazing variety of options offered by Vancouver’s waterfront location. Whether you are looking for activities to release a flow of creativity, team spirit, competitive energy or just offer shared experience, we have six teambuilding ideas to inspire your group.


Cardboard Boat Building ChallengeSink or Swim

With Canadian Outback Adventures’ Cardboard Boat Building Challenge, groups not only have to create a boat from cardboard and packing tape, but at each stage, they’ll be thrown real-world curveballs like project modifications, staff changes or material shortages. At the end, teams put together a presentation to “sell” their boat, as well as putting it to the test by having a team member board the vessel and navigate an obstacle course.

fishing derbyFishing for Compliments

With Vancouver’s largest guided fishing fleet just 10 minutes from downtown, Granville Island Boat Rentals can handle groups of up to 60 people for a fun day out of the water. One of their most popular group options is a fishing derby, with teams competing to see who can land the biggest catch. The company also offers scavenger hunts and self-guided sightseeing tours for those looking for other group options.

Land and Sea “Canadiana” AdventureBy Land and Sea

Why limit your team’s adventure to just the water? Pinnacle Pursuits offers a myriad of teambuilding activities, including their Land and Sea “Canadiana” Adventure, which combines tribal, obstacle-based contests on land, with sea-faring challenges in a traditional Voyageur-style canoe. All groups meet up for a barbecue lunch with live music to share successes and strategies, before going on to compete in the finale.

Sea Quest Scavenger HuntA Quest for the Best

Located in Horseshoe Bay, north of Vancouver, Sewell's Marina sits at the mouth of the Howe Sound fjord, and is home to whales, seals, and huge communities of sea birds. Your group can combine exploring this spectacular area with a competitive teambuilding activity with Sewell’s Sea Quest Scavenger Hunt. Divided into teams piloting self-drive boats, participants need to find clues, answer questions, take pictures and create different items on the path to crowning the winners.

Truth About False Creek “sightrunning” tourRun This Town

If you are looking for an active pursuit, but are not quite sure about setting sail, City Running Tours Vancouver offers group options that take advantage of some of the city’s best running routes—many of which just happen to stretch right along the water. The Truth About False Creek “sightrunning” tour is a 4.3 mile / 7 km flat route along the seawall, run at a relaxed pace with lots of sightseeing stops for your guide to tell you all about this part of Vancouver’s historic waterfront.

Shoreline Cleanup through Vancouver AquariumClean Up Your Act

Show your respect for Vancouver’s waterfront by helping to keep it clean and safe for others to enjoy as well! Organizing your own Shoreline Cleanup through Vancouver Aquarium can bring your group together for a meaningful teambuilding activity while also fulfilling any Corporate Social Responsibility requirements you have. Offer prizes, incorporate a theme, or even add a scavenger hunt; this is one competition where everyone is the winner, especially the environment!