• Your Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) partner
  • A bid for a meeting or conference
  • Site inspection dates
  • Vancouver hospitality partners
  • A unique city Vancouver experience
  • Free time (optional but recommended)


  1. Preheat the site inspection by receiving a competitive and attractive bid from Vancouver.
  2. Once the bid has been received, combine potential site inspection dates and your CVB partner.
  3. Reduce any unnecessary ingredients by defining the core objectives for the site. For example, do you need to see run of house hotel rooms only? Do you need to meet with a Customs Broker?
  4. Let the CVB mix together the hotel appointments, meals, and a unique Vancouver experience until the itinerary is smooth and efficient.
  5. At this time, fold in some free time. The CVB will surely add this ingredient (recommended). Work doesn’t stop just because you are on a site inspection!
  6. Pour the prepared site, along with the Vancouver hospitality partners, into your calendar; ensure everyone involved is aware of the ingredients in step three, in case of any allergies.
  7. Bake until your flight, one of 1,634 weekly direct flights, arrives at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
  8. Enjoy your Vancouver cake and eat it too! This dish is best shared with your Vancouver partners.
  9. Serves anywhere from 50-15,000 convention delegates.