In the world of genomics, it’s exciting to anticipate what might be next in terms of scientific discoveries. It’s even more incredible when these innovations happen right in your own backyard.

A recent partnership in research initiatives between the University of Victoria Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre and the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) has revealed a way in which targeted proteomic assays can be accessible to the community through what is known as the Assay Portal.

Dr. Christoph Borchers, Director of the University of Victoria Genome BC Proteomics Centre, has volunteered to be the first non-CPTAC researcher to upload targeted mass spectrometry-based assays to the portal.

Dr. Borchers, also a Professor of the McGill Faculty of Medicine, as well a Director at the Segal Cancer Proteomics Centre, is an active member of Vancouver’s Be a Host program, an alliance of industry professionals dedicated to showcasing Canadian research and innovations to the world.

In collaboration with many key industry associations, including Tourism Vancouver’s Be a Host Program, Dr. Borchers hosted the 2015 World Congres of the Human Proteome Organisation, where more than 1,000 delegates gathered and Vancouver was successfully showcased to leading academics from around the world. We strongly support Dr. Borchers on all of his on-going research efforts and are proud to recognize him as a person of influence in his selected field.

The Be a Host program partners with leading experts across Canada to bid for and host their international association meetings in Vancouver. Please click here to see who has hosted and feel free to contact us for more information.