Help Tourism Vancouver welcome over 2,000 delegates who will be attending the International Conference on Learning Representations Annual meeting April 30 - May 3rd, 2018 in the East Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre.

What is the Computational and Biological Learning Society about?

This event is a gathering that brings together researchers in machine learning, statistics, pattern recognition, vision, graphical models, neural nets, neuroscience, adaptive control, and speech recognition, who are interested in understanding natural and synthetic learning.
This meeting has had a huge influence on the field of machine learning, as well as on statistics, bio-informatics, computer vision, computational neuroscience, and a host of other areas that have a connection with machine learning.

Conference Website:

Conference Agenda: Event: 2018 Annual Meeting
Dates:  April 30 – May 3, 2018
Event Location:  Vancouver Convention Centre - East Building
Anticipated Attendance: 2,000 Delegates

Meals: Delegates are on their own for meals each day for lunch and dinners.
Airport Heavy arrival day: Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th, 2018
Airport Heavy departure day: Thursday May 3, and Friday May 4, 2018
Conference Hotels: 11 hotels - Fairmont Pacific Rim, Hyatt Regency, Fairmont Waterfront, Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Pan Pacific Vancouver, Pinnacle Hotel Vancouver Harbourfront, Marriott Pinnacle, Coast Coal Harbour, The Metropolitan Hotel, and the The Four Seasons Hotel

Thank you for helping us to give a warm west coast welcome to this convention group!

If you have any questions about this conference group, please contact Debbie Reynolds, Client Manager, Convention Services at 604.631.2816 or email