Vancouver: Great Meetings Are In Our Nature

Vancouver has been preparing to host your meeting for years. Our entire hospitality community has come together time and time again to plan, service and support events ranging from the annual TED Conference and industry-leading Professional Conference Management Association’s (PCMA) Convening Leaders, to the 2010 Winter Olympics and World Rugby Sevens Series. Tourism Vancouver works closely with hotels, venues and suppliers to provide seamless assistance to planners all the way through from first bid to final farewell gala, ensuring delegates and clients walk way more refreshed, rejuvenated and inspired than when they came.

Young, pioneering and surrounded by stunning natural surroundings, Vancouver offers unparalleled destination value and one of the most cohesive and supportive hospitality networks in the world. Now it’s your turn: join us in Vancouver and experience for yourself a meeting destination unlike any other. We look forward to hosting you.