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Why Vancouver

In Vancouver, it won't just be the views that inspire your team, but a whole new perspective that will.

Why Vancouver?

A meeting in Vancouver is unlike any meeting you've planned before. From the very beginning of the process, we’re committed to offering you the highest standards in sales, service and destination value. Vancouver's convention centre, hotels, venues and suppliers all work together with Tourism Vancouver to ensure your experience in our city is seamless. A diverse city on the edge of spectacular nature offers planners a wide range of facilities, services and experiences, while our stunning scenery, world-class dining and renowned sightseeing draws in delegates to beat previous attendance records. With North America's second-largest west coast airport, Vancouver is easily accessible from all corners of the globe.


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Their perspectives, their trajectories. There's something about this raw natural beauty, mixed with urban entrepreneurial activity that isn't just attention-grabbing. It's unignorable. It invites people in, opens their eyes and expands their minds. And when it's time to go, your delegates may find that even though they're leaving this place, this place will probably never leave them.




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