August 2015

Looking for a unique way to experience Vancouver's lush greenery and breathtaking skyline? Thrill-seekers can now have a bird's eye view of the city on the Queen Elizabeth Park zipline, the highest point in Vancouver!

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth Park's 75th anniversary, a zipline has been installed by the Vancouver Park Board and Greenheart International Development Corporation. The 130-acre park, built on the site of a former rock quarry, was dedicated in 1939 on a visit from King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. It wasn't until the 1960s, however, that its signature quarry gardens were unveiled and the distinctive Bloedel Conservatory dome was built. Today, the park is one of the city's most visited sites, its winding paths flanked by flower beds and ornamental trees and often packed with camera-toting visitors.

This is your chance to soar for a distance of 190 metres over the park's manicured gardens and tree-lined pathways. The zipline launches from a tower next to the Bloedel Conservatory (the distinctive geodesic dome at the top of the park), which also happens to be the highest point in the city of Vancouver. Riders will then whoosh down over the park's Quarry Garden enjoying panoramic views to the north while getting a unique perspective on the formal gardens below.

The new attraction can accommodate up to 60 riders an hour at $15 to $20 a pop but brides and grooms can ride for free in their wedding attire. Weather dependent, the zipline will remain open until the end of September.