July 2015

The truth is out there.

Actually, it's in Vancouver where the original X-Files TV show was filmed for five of its six seasons. And now, Dr. Dana Scully and Special Agent Fox Mulder are back in Vancouver to shoot a six-episode revival of the sci-fit hit, premiering in January 2016.

As before, Vancouver is the most versatile cast member of the show. In the original series, the ocean and mountain-wrapped West Cost city played everywhere from Kazakhstan to Virginia. No word yet on the plot for The X-Files revival, though David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have been spotted filming in numerous locations around the city, including outside the Vancouver Club at Hornby and Hastings streets.

Vancouverites famously turned on David Duchovny in 1998 when, during an interview with Conan O'Brien, he ragged on Vancouver's relentless rain. (Locals insist the rain preserves our dewy complexions and lush forests.) But recently, Duchovny won back Vancouver hearts by going on record about how much he loves the city (see his numerous social media posts about Vancouver).

Vancouver is the core of the fourth-largest foreign film and production centre in North America, known worldwide as Hollywood North. Since the late 19th century, filmmakers have been attracted to the region because of its mild climate and natural beauty. Animation and digital film production thrive here too (Jurassic World, Life of Pi, District 9, Sherlock Holmes and Cloud Atlas are among the major blockbusters whose digital effects were completed in Vancouver), and major film company Lionsgate Films was founded here. The city is also a fertile sandbox for actors and writers: Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds and Joshua Jackson all grew up in Vancouver, as did writing partners Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, who wrote the film Superbad about their experiences as teens in Vancouver.

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