Vegetables are the star of the show these days. Whether you have dietary preferences or simply enjoy to eat from the abundance of the earth's offerings, Vancouver has you covered for vegetarian and vegan fare.

  • At Heirloom you'll be greeted with a bright room and contemporary dining experience. 
  • The Acorn is an award-winning, vegetable-forward restaurant and bar located at the heart of Vancouver’s Main St. Carefully crafted dishes cater to vegans and gluten free diners while ensuring that even the staunchest meat eaters leave fully satisfied. 
  • Nuba, with Lebanese style cuisine has has plenty of vegan and vegetarian options while still having some meat on the menu. It's a great place to bring together a group with varied palettes. One thing they'll all agree on is the cauliflower dish, Najib's Special which is a local favourite. 
  • If you have a sweet tooth, pass by Nice Vice for a scoop of vegan ice cream. Located in Yaletown, Nice Vice was created as a healthy alternative to the owner's self described "bad vices."
  • Comforting and cozy, Meet which has a new Gastown location in addition to its original Main Street location is 100% vegetarian.