September 2015


Vancouver will host the first-ever Americas Masters Games in the summer of 2016.

The games will welcome over 7,500 amateur athletes from around the world, aged 35 to over 100 from August 26 to September 4, 2016. The atletes will compete in 27 different sports ranging from archery to triathlon to table tennis.

Masters sport, which emphasizes "sport for all", is one of the fastest-growing areas of sports participation. The athletes have varying levels of abilities and performance, from former Olympians and Paralympians to those who participate in recreational sports.

Five ways the Masters Games are unique
1. The Games are open to everyone who meets the minimum age requirement and registers for their sport (or sports).
2. Athletes represent themselves, rather than an area.
3. Participants from several different countries may unite to form multi-national teams.
4. Participation doesn't require any qualification competitions or selection criteria.
5. Para-athletes can compete alongside, or in the same field of play, as able-bodied athletes.

First time in the Americas
The World Masters Games are held every four years with regional Masters Games held in between.
The 2016 Americas Masters Games will be the first regional Masters Game to be held in the Americas, with Europe currently being the only other regional Masters