Tourism Vancouver believes that managing the development of the tourism industry in a sustainable way will contribute to a thriving economy, and quality of life in the city.

To that end, since 2012, Tourism Vancouver has employed a Sustainable Destination Specialist to work with tourism businesses to identify and implement energy saving projects and steward the industry in “green” tourism development. Tourism Vancouver is believed to be the first destination marketing organization in the North America to have such a position.

Since joining Tourism Vancouver in 2012, Gwendal Castellan has helped over 82 hotels, restaurants and attractions save 7.5GWh of energy (enough to power 1,581 Tesla cars for a year) and avoid the emission of 893 tonnes of CO2.

Gwendal has a BSc. in geography from the University of Victoria, an advanced certificate in sustainable energy management, and is an Association of Energy Engineers certified energy manager. An avid cyclist, Gwendal spent 19 months pedaling from the tip of Patagonia to the far reaches of the Canadian Arctic.