Hit ABC show Once Upon a Time aired its deliciously satisfying series finale in May 2018, after seven roller-coaster seasons jam-packed with fairy tale drama, twisty storylines and stunning sets. OUAT fans are cozily familiar with the show’s setting of Storybrooke, Maine, but what many might not realize is the striking scenery and charming sets were filmed in several locations across Metro Vancouver.

Fancy experiencing the region’s most whimsical and fairy-tale like offerings for yourself? Hop on a plane, train, automobile or flying carpet and make your way to Vancouver – from here, it’s easy to plot your course across the city and beyond to Richmond, Burnaby and New West, where the majority of OUAT filming took place. Plan your route using the “Once Upon a Time in Metro Vancouver” guide, and you’ll soon find yourself plunging through a real-life enchanted forest, exploring the real-life downtown of “Storybrooke”, visiting a quaint village frozen in time, snapping photos of the world’s largest tin soldier, and much more. See you happily ever after in Metro Vancouver!