Check out what The Revenant's Grace Dove, House of Cards' Terry Chan, and rock star Bif Naked have to say about the best spots to eat, stay, and visit in Vancouver: 


The Revenant actress shares her favourite places to discover First Nations culture in Vancouver:

• SKWACHÀYS LODGE: It houses a fair trade gallery, boutique hotel and an urban aboriginal artist residence. Other features include a sweat lodge and smudge room used for spiritual cleansing.

• VANCOUVER ABORIGINAL FRIENDSHIP CENTRE: The centre emphasizes the philosophies and values of varied aboriginal cultures and traditions. There is Pow Wow Family Night on Tuesdays and West Coast Family Night on Wednesdays. I also play women’s drop-in basketball; everyone is welcome.


The House of Cards actor and co-owner of the Alexander Gastown bar, who divides his time between Vancouver and L.A., divulges his secret spots: 

BEST-KEPT SECRETS: My secret spots are all outdoor spots, preferably dog-friendly, like CRAB Park at PortsideQuarry Rock in Deep Cove and High View Lookout at Cypress Mountain.

MY PERFECT DAY IN VANCOUVER: It starts with coffee at Milano Gastown for a pour-over or Americano. Then I’ll make my way to Chambar or some waffles and a delicious brunch. If I’m close to the seawall I can’t think of a better way to spend the day than biking, running or strolling.

WHAT I MISS MOST ABOUT VANCOUVER: For me it’s the food, sushi specifically. We tend to forget the abundance of restaurants, thanks to the diversity here. I love Sake Maki on Commercial Drive and noodle houses like The Ramen Butcher in Chinatown and Legendary Noodle on Denman Street. And Tavola, an Italian restaurant in the West End.

COCKTAIL: I love The Keefer Bar in Chinatown. It’s an intimate, dark venue and I always feel like I’m walking into the movie version of Blade Runner when I go in there. Tableau Bistro at the Loden Hotel is off the beaten path.


The rock star and writer reveals a few of her fave Vancouver places:

• EAT: I will always recommend The Naam Restaurant to everyone (even if a person or group is not vegetarian or vegan, go for the house dressing on a house salad). It has been my favourite restaurant in Vancouver since 1989 and always will be!

• OUTDOORS: A walk over by Kits Beach along the seawall (and if you’re ambitious, you can walk from Kits Beach, past Granville Island, past Science World to English BayStanley Park and back again!). It is so incredibly beautiful it has to be physically felt: feet on earth.

• NIGHTLIFE: Rickshaw Theatre. The live venue is absolutely integral for Vancouver’s music scene and has one of the most eclectic calendars every month, from showgirl cabarets to Norwegian death metal to surfer pop to jazz to pure Canadian punk.