January 2016


A new passenger ferry taking tourists between Vancouver and Victoria is scheduled for summer 2016. Although not yet confirmed, Riverside Marine, an Australian company, has signed a lease on Victoria's CPR Steamship Terminal Building.

The new service will be offered on two catamaran ferry vessels, each with a capacity of 300 people. There are two planned sailings per day.

A single one-way trip is expected to cost about $80 and take approximately three-and-a-half hours from downtown Vancouver harbour to downtown Victoria harbour. Riverside Marine has indicated their service is not aimed at commuters, but rather at the upscale tourist clientele. The vessels will provide comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, local food and beverages, and guided interpretation of wildlife, oceanography local geography, West Coast culture and history. Although final permits and pending, the new passenger ferry service between Vancouver and Victoria inner harbours is set to launch summer 2016, with full service planned for 2017. Click here for the full news release.