Officially opened in May 1939 during King George VI and Queen Elizabeth's royal visit, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is one of the city's most recognizable historical and architectural landmarks. Also known as the 'Castle in the City', this Fairmont Gold hotel offers sweeping views of Vancouver's beautiful coastline, mountains, and temperate rainforest, accompanied by private check-in, concierge and lounge with culinary offerings. 

In Spring 2018 the historic landmark completed a multi-phase renovation project which included unveiling the newest spin on a luxurious hospitality experience with the Fourteenth Floor Heritage Suites, complete with two distinct design aesthetics by CHIL Interior Design: 

The Lieutenant Governor's Suite, formerly used to host social gatherings and official meetings, pays homage to its historic roots through Art Deco stylings, including stunning bespoke furniture, a deep colour palette, gilded and lacquered finishes, and rich fabrics. 

The Royal Suite's light, regal atmosphere comes from a royal, saturated colour palette with opulent and sophisticated finishes. The master bathroom, now outfitted in stunning white marble, offers an idyllic spa-inspired escape. 

“We wanted to capture the romanticism surrounding the luxury of travel and royal visits,” said Adèle Rankin, Principal and Design Lead at CHIL Interior Design. “The design language is rich, ornate, layered and highly detailed – a one-of-a-kind experience that honours the hotel’s history and reputation.”

To pay homage to the hotel's royal and historic past, many restored heirlooms are included in the new design: the lobby's restored African Spele wood paneled walls with solid bronze inlay, the ornate bronze gates that secured the suite during the royal visit in the floor's common area, and the English black walnut veneer-paneled walls in the Lieutenant Governor's Suite, which originated from a single walnut tree. 

In spring 2019 the heritage property will celebrate its 80th anniversary, which will include unveiling the next phase of the renovation project with 42 renovated guests rooms, a private lounge, and first-class services.

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